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The whole dirty truth

It all started when three college football teammates (that’s us – Justin, Wendell and Wale) back at University of California Berkeley found themselves sweating…like a million times a day. With a hectic class schedule (yes, we did go to class) staggered between multiple workouts and practices, this trio was in the thick of a very stinky situation.

Justin Forsett

-9-year NFL Pro Bowl RB

-Accomplished speaker

-Wife is as good an athlete as I am!  (for real!)

-Addicted to home improvement shows

-Never met a gif I didn't like

-Daddy of 3 awesome kids

-Proud Cal Bear

-Top 5: Lauryn Hill, Kirk Franklin & The Family, Lecrae, Donny Hathaway & Diddy

Wendell Hunter

-All-Pac-10 LB at Cal

-Played with Buffalo Bills (briefly!)

-Married college sweetheart

-Has a son (loves legos) 

-Owns a Bullmastiff (130+ pounds)

-Avid comic book reader

-1st real job was as an EMT

-Top 5: Nas, Nina Simone, Curtis Mayfield, Jay-Z & Nipsey Hussle

Wale Forrester

-10 year firefighter 

-Married college girlfriend 

-Father of 2 solid ass kids 

-Loves island music 

-Very Jamaican

-Has an RV. (seriously!)

-Vegan... I said it.

-Top 5: Sammy Johnson, George Strait, Jay-Z, Nipsey Hussle & Fred Hammond 

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And we weren’t alone

Our teammates were dealing with the same problem. Truth was that showering every time we broke a sweat just wasn’t a realistic option. But neither was being the funky guy in statistics class. And then we realized the problem went beyond B.O. Our boys (Wale included) were getting sidelined with sweat-related infections. The health implications were real.

We wished for a magic solution

To this day, it’s an inside joke among locker rooms that a teammate who skips a shower is taking a ‘shower pill.’ We had supplements and 'go-to' brands for everything else – hydration, performance and recovery – but nothing for hygiene. And that’s why we set out to do the locker room – and all of mankind – a favor by turning the ‘shower pill’ joke into a real shower solution.

Built our hero product

Fast-forward a handful of years. These three grown-ass men went
on to become an EMT, firefighter and NFL player – as well as
husbands and fathers – all while perfecting their product.  After a boatload of research & development, not to mention personal experience, we brought our ShowerPill Body Wipe to a
test market of professional athletes.  

Steve Smith Sr.

Ronnie Lott

Jonathan Stewart

Jabari Greer

Kyle Juszczyk

Established an A-Team

Before we knew it, we had a
prominent team of investors and our body wipes were landing in
locker rooms and showerless gyms from coast to coast.

Shower 2 the people!

It was time to take our talents beyond the locker room. We’d been
overlooking the soccer mom who squeezes in a spin class, then
bolts to pick up her kid. And the businessman who CrossFits
during lunch and quickly heads back to the office. There’s the
runner, golfer, hiker, cyclist and everything in-between fitness
enthusiast who wants to crush their fitness goals AND keep their
hygiene in check.

Mission Statement

Here at ShowerPill, our mission is to inspire and empower people to live their best lives. We believe that the cornerstone of this mission is grounded in our company’s commitment to give back…a non-negotiable component of what we set out to do since day one.