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Masks for the People providing lifesaving PPE kits during COVID-19

ShowerPill co-founder, Wale, is personally supporting this Live Free campaign for the underserved communities in Oakland, CA as part of our commitment to community outreach.

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Extra-thick, premium wipe that works like a disposable washcloth

Not Your Average Body Wipe

Extra-thick, super absorbent
4x thicker than a baby wipe

Each individually wrapped package was created to withstand high temperatures and to be impervious to moisture, light and bacteria.

Our Advantage

Made by Athletes

Wendell Hunter

Justin Forsett

Wale Forrester

Created by three former college and pro football players – who know a thing or two about exhausting workouts, and, ahem, skipping out on that much-needed shower afterward…Known jokingly amongst athletes as a "shower pill".

Not only did this create a stinky situation, but it also was a health risk.
We decided to turn the inside joke into a solution to supplement the hygiene of active individuals everywhere.

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